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Classic Escapes - Tour the World and See the Sights 

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See the World with Classic Escapes

It seems these days we all have a bucket list of places we’d like to visit and things we’d like to do before we die. Our dreams can often get swept away by the reality of life; however, with Classic escapes you can afford to tour the world, see the sights and live out your bucket list dreams.

Classic Escapes is a members only professional holiday booking service that provides access to luxury locations and affordable accommodations at dream destinations across the world. With our help you can see the sights in Africa, Asia, America, Australia, Canada, Europe and many more highly desirable destinations.

Why Choose Classic Escapes as Your Holiday Provider?

With so many holiday providers to choose from, as well as the ability to book your own holiday online, why would you want to join an exclusive members only holiday provider like Classic Escapes?

Affordable High Quality Accommodation

One of the most important reasons that our members give for joining our exclusive family is the access to affordable high quality accommodation, which provide a range of different activities as well as being close to local amenities.

Stress Free Done for You Service

It’s easy to book a flight or a hotel online, but what happens if something goes wrong? Who do you turn to for advice? How do you know if you are really getting a good deal? Classic Escapes offers members a complete done-for-you service that utterly removes all the stress and worry of organising a holiday away from you; allowing you to kick back, relax and look forward to your vacation.

Reputable Travel Partners

We only work with reputable and trustworthy partners, such as Ramada, Cosmos, Globus, Qanta Holidays, Best Western, Club Med and many more; giving you peace of mind on your holiday and travel arrangements. Classic Escapes are also members of a number of tourism associations, including AAA, Athoc, ARDA and others.

Honest Community Feedback

One of the most valuable assets we can offer to our members is the feedback and insights from other members on locations and accommodation. This trustworthy and honest feedback helps our members to pick their next holiday destination and choose their most suitable accommodation. The community feedback is invaluable and helps to ensure that we always offer our customers the very best holiday packages at the very best prices.

Classic Escapes has a number of high quality resorts for to choose from. The Don Pancho Beach Resort offers accommodation right next to the shores of Kelly’s Beach in Bargara, and includes access to a number of onsite amenities. For a getaway break for the entire family you simply have to try the contemporary accommodation offered by Palm Court Noosa. Or, if you want to explore mountain ranges, rainforests and the depths of the ocean be sure to book a stay at the Classic @ Alexandra Beach Resort!

Things to Bring on Your Classic Escapes Holiday

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Pack Smart!

Packing for a holiday can be quite tricky, and all too often we pack far too much or far too little for our holiday needs.

Before you pack, think about the activities that you have signed up to. If your holiday includes lots of water sports be sure to pack plenty of waterproof sunscreen, towels and dry clothes.

If you’re worried about packing too much, enquire about access to local amenities and dedicate a little time to doing your laundry to save packing too much into your suitcase.

Finally, always remember to leave room in your suitcase for the presents and mementos that you will pick up on the course of your holiday!

The Benefits of a Classic Escapes Holiday

A Classic Escapes holiday is not just about visiting top destinations, seeing the sights and ticking things off your bucket list.

A Classic Escapes holiday is an opportunity to explore the world and yourself. It’s a chance to spend time with your family, and to share intimate moments with your loved one. It’s about having an unforgettable experience that reminds you of how lucky you are to be alive.

A Classic Escapes holiday is about relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you decide to have a wild adventure or spend some quiet quality time with the people you care about the most, it’s incredibly important that you make the time and that you have the opportunity to do not just the things you want, but the things you need to do to be happy and healthy.

Join Classic Escapes Today and Book Your Dream Holiday

The team at Classic Escapes are eager to help you book your dream holiday, but before we can help you choose your dream destination, your luxurious location and your awesome accommodation we first need to get you signed up as a member of our exclusive (and yet ever growing) family.

Thousands of people have already signed up and are now active members of Classic Escapes, and joining our family is really easy. All it takes is a simple two-step process and before you know it you’ll be on your way to an idyllic holiday.

Step One – Fill in our Online Form

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Your escape is just around the corner

Our online form is quick and simply to complete. We ask that our members are:

·  Married or in a de facto relationship for a minimum of two years

·  Aged between 28 to 65 years

· Have an annual income of $60,000(AUST) or more

In certain locations you may also need to be a home owner in order to qualify for membership.

If you and your partner meet these criteria simply fill out our online form and you’ll go through to step two of the process – which is the presentation.

Step Two – Attend a 90 Minute Presentation

Once we have received your completed form you will be invited to attend one of our 90 minute  presentations, which is held at a total of 9 locations.

At no point are you under any obligation to join, but we are sure once you see everything that Classic Escapes has to offer that you will still be just as keen to sign up and book your dream holiday.